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June 30, 2011

Spill Your Guts (side b)

Side b of our "Spill Your Guts" promo mix is now exclusively available for download on B-Electro.  Not only will you hear 2 brand new tracks from our new EP "Dangerous Systems", B-Electro also has a free download of our brand new track "Termination Shock." 

Here are the tracks "Spill Your Guts (side b)" has to offer:

shadow dancer – parallax
giorgio moroder – the chase(m brodin 2011)
ladycréme – run!
human league – never let me go(aeroplane)
carlo cavalli & danny caliro – fox (instr.)
stopmakingme – smint(remute’s wild baby)
remute – eins, zwei, polizei!
urchins – xylophobe(grum remix)
ladycréme – split that
style of eye – dry(zombie disco squad remix)
aeroplane – my enemy(rex the dog remix)
coupons – driving to your house party (xinobi)
yasmine gate ft. douglas mccarthy – lips
depressed billionaires – jasmine
thomas radman – para 81
spencer product – nightology(posr remix)
franz & shape – lump(gesaffelstein)
hey today! – minor(para one remix)
zzt – zzafrika(gesaffelstein remix)
c marmont – 100 realities(gesaffelstein)
clouds – liquid
toxic avenger – angst one(black strobe remix)
yenn – what i felt