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February 28, 2012

Live @ Space // Out

Here's our set from the latest Space // Out. Enjoy!

bubba – dance with me
joey washington & pink stallone – mine (eddie mars remix)
eddie hu – i wanna dance (fiveon remix)
lou teti – talk about it (pete herbert remix)
pollyester – concierge d’armour (rory phillips remix)
djebali – reputation
body language – falling out (tiger & woods remix)
disco stu & j monkman – don’t have to be beautiful
juan soto – dance & claps
rocco raimundo – steamy summer sonnet
yacht – i walked alone (jacques renault remix)
drrtyhaze– giving you all of my love (king dj remix)
mind fair– kerry’s scene (fernando remix)
pete herbert & golden fleece – ivory waves (downtown party network remix)
surrealism – private party
jacques renault – main line
jet project & electric j – alright (homework remix)
startraxx – step into my life (nu disco club mix)
tobtok – metaphysique (jnl’s refunk)
holy ghost! – it’s not over (dimitri from paris erodiscomix)
butch – drummers drama
the 2 bears – work (oliver $ remix)
chris carrier – sweet cookie
todd terje – inspector norse
sportloto – metamorphosis
stars on 33 – something you can feel
james silk – have you
ter kahn – disco addict (walker & royce remix)
klic – disco music
alexis raphael – under the radar
sean roman – swerve
ben mono & idiotronic – 1992

February 27, 2012

February 2012 Top Ten

drrtyhaze - giving you all of my love (king dj remix)
holy ghost! - it's not over (dimitri from paris erodiscomix)
hard ton - not again (the rimshooters remix)
punks jump up - get down (alex gopher remix)
the 2 bears - work (oliver $ remix)
chordashian - don't wait up (downtown party network remix)
sasha robotti - the major
nicky romero - generation 303
zoo brazil - game face
startraxx - step into my life (nu disco club mix)

February 21, 2012

The Showgirls Mixes

Drawing inspiration from one of the finest films ever committed to celluloid, Showgirls, we present TWO mixes of sticky-sweet filter disco and house. Indulge you inner Nomi Malone!

The Goddess Show

solidisco – i need it
miguel migs ft. evelyn “champagne” king – everybody (ghosts of venice dub)
j paul getto – she went left
tagteam terror – hold up
just kiddin – shout
malente & treasure fingers – au revue
ghosts of venice – disco love affair (ridney remix)
nightriders – hey (nom de strip remix)
serial thrilla – dance to it
kreap – chimp fucked on the elevator on the way to the food court
chris lake & nightriders – nyc (tjr’s moar cowbell remix)
trevor loveys – heebeegeebees
dj eq – freakin’
per qx – feelin’ (i said house music)
steel lord – midnight affair
dj eq – juicyfruit
tony romera – back to the roots
willy joy – woman like me (flosstradamus remix)
reset! – don’t let the system control you (summer of love mix)
joe goddard ft. valentina – gabriel (compound one remix)
diamond lights – in the morning (heavyfeet remix)
database – new disco
kidda – wanna be loved (stupid fresh remix)
hijack & brabe – boogie

Brown Rice and Vegetables

club soda – back on
le babar – the conversation
neighbor & dave allison – kickin action
j paul getto – represent
j paul getto – happy thoughts
joey chicago – little notion
le babar – k’s theme
tagteam terror – i can’t hold this feeling back
sharam jey & soundz fresh – let’s get it on (the phantom’s revenge remix)
bart b more & harvard bass – the funky one
azari & iii – reckless with your love (riva starr remix)
dj sneak – all over my face 08
joey negro & foreal people – feel good 2 u (j paul getto remix)
alec carlsson – paris fried chicken (j paul getto remix)
j paul getto – just for you
rubix – soul train (ian pooley remix)
joey negro – love hangover (joey negro club mix)

February 3, 2012

January 2012 Top 10

tevo howard ft. tracey thorn - without me
ian pooley & spencer parker - acid roulette
reset! - don't let the system control you (summer of love mix)
peaches & moullinex - maniac
made to move - banned truths
sharam jey & tom breu - holy ghost!
boys noize - adonis (mark e acid dub remix)
todd terje - inspector norse
eli escobar - work it
whomadewho - inside world (detone mix)