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February 28, 2012

Live @ Space // Out

Here's our set from the latest Space // Out. Enjoy!

bubba – dance with me
joey washington & pink stallone – mine (eddie mars remix)
eddie hu – i wanna dance (fiveon remix)
lou teti – talk about it (pete herbert remix)
pollyester – concierge d’armour (rory phillips remix)
djebali – reputation
body language – falling out (tiger & woods remix)
disco stu & j monkman – don’t have to be beautiful
juan soto – dance & claps
rocco raimundo – steamy summer sonnet
yacht – i walked alone (jacques renault remix)
drrtyhaze– giving you all of my love (king dj remix)
mind fair– kerry’s scene (fernando remix)
pete herbert & golden fleece – ivory waves (downtown party network remix)
surrealism – private party
jacques renault – main line
jet project & electric j – alright (homework remix)
startraxx – step into my life (nu disco club mix)
tobtok – metaphysique (jnl’s refunk)
holy ghost! – it’s not over (dimitri from paris erodiscomix)
butch – drummers drama
the 2 bears – work (oliver $ remix)
chris carrier – sweet cookie
todd terje – inspector norse
sportloto – metamorphosis
stars on 33 – something you can feel
james silk – have you
ter kahn – disco addict (walker & royce remix)
klic – disco music
alexis raphael – under the radar
sean roman – swerve
ben mono & idiotronic – 1992