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June 30, 2011

Spill Your Guts (side b)

Side b of our "Spill Your Guts" promo mix is now exclusively available for download on B-Electro.  Not only will you hear 2 brand new tracks from our new EP "Dangerous Systems", B-Electro also has a free download of our brand new track "Termination Shock." 

Here are the tracks "Spill Your Guts (side b)" has to offer:

shadow dancer – parallax
giorgio moroder – the chase(m brodin 2011)
ladycréme – run!
human league – never let me go(aeroplane)
carlo cavalli & danny caliro – fox (instr.)
stopmakingme – smint(remute’s wild baby)
remute – eins, zwei, polizei!
urchins – xylophobe(grum remix)
ladycréme – split that
style of eye – dry(zombie disco squad remix)
aeroplane – my enemy(rex the dog remix)
coupons – driving to your house party (xinobi)
yasmine gate ft. douglas mccarthy – lips
depressed billionaires – jasmine
thomas radman – para 81
spencer product – nightology(posr remix)
franz & shape – lump(gesaffelstein)
hey today! – minor(para one remix)
zzt – zzafrika(gesaffelstein remix)
c marmont – 100 realities(gesaffelstein)
clouds – liquid
toxic avenger – angst one(black strobe remix)
yenn – what i felt

June 27, 2011

June 2011 Top Ten

electric city - electric city all night

peter & the magician - twist

hot toddy ft. danielle moore - won't let go (black strobe remix)

carte blanche ft. alexis taylor - with you

rogerseventytwo - you take me higher

miss cheesecake - you must create (faze action remix)

matias aguayo - dance machine

terminal twilight - black and blue (mirror people remix)

deadboy - wish u were here

breakbot - fantasy (jacques renault remix)

June 21, 2011

Spill Your Guts (side a)

We've done an exclusive promo mix for TILTmag featuring two of tracks from our forthcoming Dangerous Systems EP ("Emmy's Theme" and "Blood & Guts").

TILT also is offering a free mp3 download of "Split That" from our EP a full two weeks in advance of the release date!

If you're curious, here's the tracklist for "Spill Your Guts (side a)":

etienne de crecy – no brain (serge santiago remix)
moullinex – meow
hypnosis – bormaz (todd terje edit)
golden bug & dakar – tekila
craig loftis – yes i’m right (power plant mix)
daniel maloso – caracol
svperfine & brioski – show biz (son of sound remix)
dmx krew – the game (dance mix)
cute heels – remember that saturday
dance disorder – future retro
ladycréme – emmy’s theme
tevo howard – foreigner
jr seaton – in your mask i see a better person
garcynoise ft. international bitch – after all (instrumental house mix)
mason ft. aqualung – little angel (rex the dog remix)
midnight savari – rimshots
ladycréme – blood & guts
photonz - trembler (discodeine mix)
zhao & matt walsh – tiger bite (click box remix)
miss kittin – all you need (gesaffelstein remix)
sei a - body of eyes (gesaffelstein violation remix)
black strobe – me & madonna (tape to tape remix)
ladytron – ace of hz (punks jump up remix)
crystal castles – baptism (punks jump up remix)
vandroid – master & slave (van she tech remix)
codebreaker – silver lining (the outrunners remix)
arnaud rebotini – twilight of gods

June 14, 2011

Our first EP "Dangerous Systems" is out July 5th

It's been a few years, but we're back with a bunch of new tracks!  Our new EP Dangerous Systems will be released on July 5, 2011.  It will be available on iTunes, Amazon and wherever fine mp3s are sold.

Our five-track, digital-only EP Dangerous Systems continues the expansion of our sonic palette with more of the retro-futuristic robotic sound that has come to define our work.  Dangerous Systems offers up a heavy blend of electro, acid and house with the melodic sensibilities of classic italo-disco.  

The EP was recorded at Dewberry Dreams Studios in the Carroll Gardens section of Brooklyn, NYC.  Dangerous Systems follows Ladycréme’s 2007 Motherload 12" single and two tracks on the 2008 compilation album Work It!

For more info, check out the Press page.