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July 11, 2011

Space // Out: Live!

We had a fabulous release party for our EP Dangerous Systems, and even if you weren't able to attend in person you can still enjoy our set!

Ladycréme - Live @ Space Out 07-09-11 by Ladycréme

lazydisco – more tigers (mirror people remix)
locuccolus – i want it (time & space machine remix)
andrea esu – e.s.u. track
billy bogus – disco lambro 76 (johnny paguro remix)
alexander robotnick – problems d’amour (dub)
king cosmic - acid in my soul (kink remix snuff crew edit)
cole medina – buffalo bill (cole’s o.g. mix)
tobias bernstrup – hitman (hard ton remix)
terminal twilight– black and blue (mirror people remix)
miss cheesecake – you must create (faze action remix)
peter & the magician – twist
stardust – music sounds better with you (justin martin edit)
electric city – electric city all night
ichisan – house dance conference (pete herbert remix)
azari & iii – manic
nikola gala – dope beat
nadastrom – theo
cosmic kids – reginald’s groove (classixx remix)
headman – adolescent sex (munk remix)
elixia – soho phase (faze action edit)
christophe – the force
monarchy – love get out of my way (holy ghost! vocal mix)